7 Questions For Your Listing Agent

Choosing the right Listing Agent is important and we're going to tell you why.

These are the questions we want to answer
for you BEFORE you choose us to sell your home.

When can we list?

That is something that we can decide together, but if you’re not on a specific schedule (like starting a new job, or taking possession of a new home) then we will let you know how to maximize your value. This will include seeing if there is current demand for the type of property you have, and if delaying your sale to a busy selling season will benefit you. 

Where will you list?

Did you know that Real Estate Agents have options of where they can list your property? All properties (unless you’d like to sell exclusively) get listed on MLS/Realtor.ca but Agents also have access to local Real Estate Boards that can only be viewed by other Agents. Working in Niagara Region, all our properties are listed on the local Niagara Board, but in order to expose your property to as many buyers as possible, we also list on the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). This means that all the local agents are able to see your property and also out-of-town agents. The more the merrier right??

Are there any improvements that can maximize my return?

We have seen a lot of houses, with a lot of different design styles. Sometimes a unique design feature can attract attention to your property, and sometimes a buyer can be immediately deterred by it. We want to make sure that if you are able to make any improvements to your home before listing, that it will be money well spent. Whether its a kitchen renovation, some landscaping, or a new coat of paint, we can help you see where you should spend your money and how that money is increasing your homes value. If there are improvements you’d like to make, we also have an extensive database of reputable contractors that we can help coordinate for you. 

What info do you need from me?

There are lot of details that we need about your home in order to list it properly. Room sizes, lot frontage, easements, building permit history…and the list goes on. A big part of our listing process is coming to your home and gathering as much data as we can. Most of this we can do on our own, such has measuring room sizes and determining the size of the lot. There will be some information that we will ask you for, such as any repairs or renovations that you’ve done. The more information we can include in the listing, the easier a home is to sell. Buyers will have all the preliminary information they need to know and this will help us get to qualified and genuinely interested Buyers more quickly.

How will you advertise my home?

Real Estate advertising has come a long way from lawn signs and newspaper ads. There is virtual walk throughs, drone footage, targeted social media ads, website listings, and the list goes on. We believe in a multifaceted approach and will customize your advertising to the type of property you have. We know that the first exposure most people will have of your property is a photo. This is why we will not show up to take photos of your house with our smart phones (yes, some agents do this). We will hire professionals to get the job done right and we will cover the cost of all of it. 

What is your Commission Rate?

If you’ve spoken to multiple Agents, some of them may have offered a lower commission rate (which in turn puts more money in your pocket). Generally, we do not adjust our commission rate because we want to invest in your property to be able to get you the best selling price. We will pay for staging, photography, videography, and all the advertising that is required to sell your home in order to get you top Market Value. This means that we are investing our own money up-front to sell your home and so we want to get you the sale as much as you want it. We have found that with a few extra dollars spent on our end, means a higher return for you. 

How much is my home worth?

This is likely the first question you have. There are 2 different ways to talk about what your home is worth, the Appraised Value and the Market Value. The Appraised Value is what your home is worth according to a bank or certified appraiser. The Market Value is what your property is worth in the current Real Estate Market, meaning what a Buyer would be willing to pay for it. We generally work with the Market Value (although appraised value is very important when it comes to financing) and we determine this by seeing what houses in your area have sold for, what similar properties have sold for, and what the current housing inventory is. 

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